Hello all! Blood's Nexus, my first novel, is now for sale on Amazon! Thank you to everyone that has supported me on the way! And to my potential fans out there, I hope I have not disappointed. I try to make all my stories an easy read, allowing everyone a chance to experience an adventure and I stand by that. Check out the Extras tab above to see sketches of characters and scenes.

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Blood's Nexus
Available Now!

Graduating high school should have been the last step to getting out from under her step-father's thumb, but somehow Taylor gets saddled with house-sitting for the entire summer. It was going fine until the nightmares started, then that weird arch in the storage garage caught her attention. 

Curiosity should come with a big flashing warning label.

Now trapped in another world, something is hunting her and her only allies are an inexperienced guardian and a perverted old monk

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Wrong Way
Coming Fall 2019!

The city runs on big business and an active harbor, both of which aid in a booming drug trade.

One side is ruthless and well connected but has old school honor.

The new guys on the block don't have such moral problems as they tap into the cities youth culture. 

Jake has seen the news and knows bodies have been found in the North river but he can't just say no when his new step-father is the one making him take part in the delivery of a dangerous new drug.

Can he break away before he gets caught or worse, killed?

Last Wolf Warrior
Coming soon!

Blessed by the God of Battle. Secretly of royal blood. And the best fighter in the whole Eastern expanse.

Not the best candidate to enslave and throw into a battle arena after razing her village.